106 – The show must go on

Category: Episodes

Joe moved this week and had his picture taken.

Steph is Supergirl

Take waffle cones and put mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and pieces of bananas and pieces of strawberries and kinda do it in layers then wrap it all in tin foil the but on bed of embers.

This weeks sign-off song : Zach picked : NOFX – The Decline

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105 – F@ck Twofer

Category: Episodes

Heyheyhey! Here the list:


-Chris’ fat face

-Joe’s birthday

-Record of the day on Vine


-The terror of financial responsibility

-A possible video podcast

-The bullshit that was the Twofer t-shirt contest

-Chugging Coors

-Can’t cry over spilled gas


This weeks sign-off song : Joe picked : “Slow it down” – The Lumineers

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104 – Pantomime

Category: Episodes

First, Joe forgot to bring up our listener topics. We’ll answer those next week! Second, here’s what we did talk about this week!


-Bathroom talk

-A banned moving story

-Texas child abuse

-Serial killers

-Smashing phones

-Helmets are stupid

-Canada day vs. Independence day

-One man band’s

-Gun control


This weeks sign-off song : Chris picked : “Reservoir” – PUP

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103 – Hi-dilly Ho, Neighbor-ino!

Category: Episodes

Chris is a big boy now! Here’s what we hatted about:


-Chris’ big purchase

-Failed attempts at an evening out

-Sudden ass pain

-Jenky Town Cars

-Chris makes Joe take a hipster test

-music and vinyl


This weeks sign-off song: Joe picked: Lightnin’ Hopkins – “Penitentiary Blues”

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102 – Internet Down

Category: Episodes

A little late this week. Sorry ’bout that folks! Here’s some of what we talked aboot:


-House hunting

-Internet pains


-3D printing


-Getting shit rented


This weeks sign-off song : Chris picked : “Sugar in your gas tank” – Less Than Jake

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101 – All My Nooks Are Decks

Category: Episodes

Welcome! Take your shirt off and make yourself at home! Here is what we talked aboot this week:


-Chris got Joe presents

-Chris’ F1 trip

-Chris met Mark’s boss

-Chris’ annoying countdown song

-Shitty customer service

-Mountain biking


This weeks sign-off song: Joe picked: “Sweatshop Union” – “John Lennon”

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100 – More than 99

Category: Episodes

Holy shit! We’re 100!! Thank you everyone for following along to this point. We love doing the show and love that you seem to enjoy listening. Here’s to 100 more!


-Chris is going to F1

-We get a call in

-We dig up old never before heard audio

-We play a bloopers reel at the end after the song!

This weeks sign-off song: Chris picked: At the 100th Meridian – The Tragically Hip

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99 – That’s Bullying!

Category: Episodes

wow! Johnny joins us in studio for an hour you will surely enjoy! Here’s what we blathered on and on aboot:



-Milk hatred

-Ehnother podcast

-Rob Ford vs. Nikki Benz



-Star Wars

-Slut shaming


Our perfect Sundays

-Plantation ownership


Ehnother Podcast can be found at http://ehnotherpodcast.com/ and @EhnotherPodcast on Twitter


This weeks sign-off song: Joe picked: “Ben Caplan” – “Down by the river”

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98 – Shirtless Conversations

Category: Episodes

Here’s what we talked about:



-Old times in podcasting


-Being a landlord

-Spiderman 2 and Batman

-Crazy kids

-Broken promises



This weeks sign-off song: Chris picked: “Avril Levigne” – “Nobody’s Home”

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97 – Just Offensive

Category: Episodes

Well, here it is.


- Moving pains

-A bit about BMX

-A racist joke

-Bed woes

-Concerts and records

-Joe’s trip to Toronto

-Tinder and Grinder

-The Podsortium


This weeks sign-off song: Joe picked: “B-Rich” – “Out for a rip”

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